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For agriculture, sports fields and commercial growers.

Until now, the only option for growers not wanting to pay through the nose for an injector was to settle for high maintenance piston or diaphragm pumps or to "go illegal" by injecting fertilizer or chemicals in a non-approved way. Introducing the FD95: a complete, ready-to-install fertilizer injector package

The Model FD95 changes all that.

FertigationDirect injectors are top quality metering pumps like those costing much more, but...

  • Without "bells and whistles" that jack up the price.
  • Without the burden of a wide product line that eats into margins
  • WITH the cost advantages of mass production of a proven, standardized machine

The Sweet Spot

Our injectors are designed to meet the needs of MOST pivot, drip and sprinkler irrigators. We don't build custom systems; we don't add exotic features. What we do is build quality injectors for the "sweet spot" of the market:

0-95 gph fertilizer injection into irrigation line pressure up to 70 psi.

If your needs are within the specification of the FD95, then we guarantee that we provide the


in the fertigation industry
. We're so sure of this, we post our prices -- AND discount schedule -- right here on our web site!